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MineMatch Target Descriptions Download

If you own a copy of MineMatch, you may wish to work with the MineMatch descriptions of all the Anomaly Clusters independently of this website. This will allow you to compare targets with more than simply their two best-matching deposit models.

The MineMatch descriptions of all the targets may be downloaded from here in zipped format. Simply un-zip the downloaded file, and open it in MineMatch.

Targets Shapefile Download

If you wish to work with the Anomaly Clusters in a GIS environment, please download a shapefile (zipped, 2.5 Mbytes) containing this data in the projection shown below by clicking here.

Coordinate System:
False_Easting: 500000.000000
False_Northing: 500000.000000
Central_Meridian: -132.500000
Standard_Parallel_1: 68.000000
Standard_Parallel_2: 61.666667
Latitude_Of_Origin: 59.000000
Datum: D_North_American_1983
Prime Meridian: 0

Poster Download

If you wish to download a full-size pdf-format (11 Mbytes) copy of the poster describing this web site, please click here. (Right-clicking, and using the "Save Target as ..." option will save the file to your hard drive, and avoid opening it in a new browser window, which may take a long time.)

Clusters Map Download

If you wish to download a 1:1,000,000 Clusters Map superimposed on a Geological Map of the Yukon encoded with the RXTYPE field (which was used to group stream sediment samples for statistical purposes), click here.



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