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Anomaly Clusters
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Anomaly Clusters

To view the interactive Anomaly Clusters map click here.

A total of 1939 exploration targets have been identified in this study, from an input set of 31,104 silt samples.

The term "Anomaly Cluster" has been used for these targets, as each target may consist of more than one sample, so long as all samples characterising the target fall within 2.5 kilometres of each other. Single sample targets have been reported only if they are anomalous in at least two elements.

This map is particularly useful to explorers who are interested in, or already have specialist knowledge of, particular parts of the Yukon, which can be zoomed to quickly with the map navigation buttons.

It is also useful in evaluating the area surrounding any targets of interest which were identified on the maps in the "Targets" section of this site.

The screenshot below illustrates the information which appears on the Anomaly Cluster maps, which can be viewed by clicking here.


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