Yukon Mineral Targets Digital Download Package

The Yukon Mineral Targets project is available for digital download as a series of shapefiles. The package is available as QGIS Project file with associated GIS layers (ArcGIS Project or Geopackage available upon request). Accompanying the download is a summary of any changes made to the original data.

Please contact for download and purchase information. The price of the compiled data package is $1,500 CAD.

The data package contains pre-styled layers for:

  • Minerva Target Layers by Commodity Type
    • Asbestos
    • Base Metals and Polymetallic
    • Copper
    • Iron, Aluminum, Barium
    • Gems and Diamonds
    • Gold and Silver
    • Mercury
    • Platinum Group Elements (PGEs)
    • Phosphate
    • Rare Earth Elements (REEs)
    • Uranium
    • Tin and Tungsten
    • Lead and Zinc
  • Base Layer Data from the Yukon Geologic Survey (aligned to standards and cleaned where necessary)
    • Stream Sediment Data (ICP Reanalysis 2010's)
    • Mineral Occurrences (Yukon MinFILE)
    • Faults
    • Bedrock Geology
    • Terrane Data
  • Administrative Data Layers
    • Quartz Claims 1M and 50k scale (updated periodically)
    • Areas withdrawn from Staking
    • Yukon Mineral Targets Survey Area
  • Standard ESRI Basemap Layers